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The Minimum Requirement for MoP LFR


Not sure what item level is needed to enter a certain instance or raid? Don’t worry, I’ve put together all the minimum requirements for all of the Mists of Pandaria instances and raids for you.

Looking For Raid (LFR):

Throne of Thunder: Requires 480 item level

-Pinnacle of Storms (4/4) Halls of Flesh-Shaping (3/4)
-Forgotten Depths (2/4)
-Last Stand of the Zandalari (1/4)

Terrace of Endless Spring: Requires 470 item level

-Terrace of Endless Spring (1/1)

Heart of Fear: Requires 470 item level

-Nighmare of Shek’zeer (2/2
-The Dread Approach (1/2)

Mogu’shan Vaults: Requires 460 item level

-The Vault of Mysteries (2/2)
-Guardians of Mogu’shan (1/2)

Heroic Dungeons:

Heroic dungeons require 435 item level to get into all 9 of them.

Regular Dungeons:

Stormstout Brewery 358 item level and 85+
Temple of the Jade Serpent 358 item level and 85+
Mogu’shan Palace 393 item level and 87+
Shado-Pan Monastery 393 item level and 87+


All require you to be level 90 and have an average item level of 425+




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