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5.4 LFR-FLEX-Raid Schedule


With 5.4 fast aproaching, Blizzard has announced their schedule for releasing content once 5.4 starts.  If you played in 5.3 this is going to look very similiar to that.  Most people will whine and complain because of the large gap between the first wing of The Siege of Orgrimmar opening and the last.  However, keep in mind that not everyone is geared well and getting into some of thoses later wings early in the patch would just result in headaches.   Leveling up as fast as possible in 5.4 can be your goal, just realize you have to have a little patients at the begining which will hopefully keep you from rage quitting the game later.

September 10th:  The doors to The Siege of Orgrimmar open, hopefully without a hitch and we are able to kill any boss in normal, providing we killed the previous boss.  Pretty standard.  Blizzard is also opening the first wing of Flex raiding.  No LFR the first week : (

September 17th:  Heroics open provided you cleared all of The Siege of Orgrimmar on normal.  Wing two for Flex will open and wing one of LFR will be opened.

September 24th:  Wing two is unlocked in LFR, no change to Flex.

October 1st: Flex wing three is unlocked, no change to LFR.

October 8th: Raid finder (LFR) wing three is unlocked, no change to Flex.

October 15th: The final flex wing is opened, no change to LFR.

October 22nd: LFR is completely open.

It seems like a long time, but keep in mind what I said above and also remember there is more content than just running FLEX, LFR, and raiding.  Spend some time doing dailies and get your coins ready.  Get out to the timeless isle and check that place out.  There should be a lot to do so have fun with it.

I should have my last post before the patch release auto-post at midnight eastern tonight.  It’s going over the new item levels you will need to know while gearing your new level 90.  Enjoy and share it with friends!

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