How to quickly gear up your level 90

Welcome to a site dedicated to teaching you how to quickly gear up your level 90.

Everything you need to know for Patch 5.4

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My easy to use flowchart

My flow chart helping you gear up quickly. Kind of dated but mostly applicable for Patch 5.4

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Valor and Justice Points

Don't know what the most efficient use of your Justice and Valor points? Need to know what to do with Honor?

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Important information that didn't make it to its own page. This is where you will most likely find the newest strategies for gearing your 90.

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Simpler than ever

Cheating your item level.

Need to get to 480 very quickly without spending as much time grinding gear? Check out our “cheating” your item level tips.

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Valor and Justice points.

Learn where and how and where to spend your Justice and Valor points to up your item level.

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Websites made easy

Item level requirements for MOP.

Not sure what level you need to be to get into a particular place? Check here for our easy guide.

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Built to impress

Using PvP gear to help your PvE item level.

Learn the best way to grind honor or conquest points to help your item level.

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The best place to help you and your level 90 character get to 496 item level and beyond as fast as possible in the World of Warcraft during patch 5.4.   I am trying to put up as much helpful information to help better your World of Warcraft experience so you can make the best of your character and get into looking for raid or regular raiding.  We have all of the information you will need to gear up at level 90 quickly and easily, from helping you make the most of your Mogu Rune of Fate to “Cheating your item level” and much more!  Enjoy your stay, check the menu at the top for specific content and also be sure to check out my articles about various topics including “How much gold would it take to get to 480ilvl?”

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